This is the end of one road but not goodbye

Dear EsoterX fans

This is PsychologistMimi – a fellow blogger, but more importantly, ExsoterX’ wife. It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write to announce his sudden passing this past Monday, January 16th at the age of 50.

He is survived by his spouse, his son, his brother, and parents.

He was a long-time New Yorker who enjoyed working at the New York Public Library. The library was the perfect place for him, considering his restless intelligence as well as a vast love of words, storytelling, and history. This intellectual curiosity is evident in this blog that he has maintained for over a decade. He loved digging deeply into his stories, doing tons of late-night historical research to find interesting stories to share with you all. This world is filled with many events that may not be readily explainable. But, they sure are fun to conjecture about. He had an irreverent wit and mischievous charm that he brought to his storytelling.

He loved getting your messages -whether they were outright fan mail, questions for people’s own academic writing, or people who might have a different take on the subject phenomena.

As recently as December 2022, he appeared on Vincent Treewell’s podcast “The Weird Part” which you can find at It was a fun discussion that I encourage you to listen to.

He was a friend to everyone he met and never encountered a problem that he wouldn’t work hard to solve. His friendliness, easy-going personality, and caring soul will be missed by everybody who knew him.

While he loved writing and loved this blog, he loved more than anything his son. Our son is 14 years old and already has a charming wit to him and loves writing horror stories.

We will be keeping this blog live as a legacy where we will post some of his unfinished work, articles from his past, and new items from his son as he progresses in his writing.

A new path is being forged.

This is not goodbye. Until we meet again.

His memorial service will be held shortly. More to come.